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Transparent Talent Display Window For You To Choose From

With a number of students graduating with almost similar degrees the race to grab the best opportunity is on a high. Talent is the last resort for employers to shortlist the candidature. In such a scenario showcasing your skill-sets over and above your degrees and certificates becomes crucial. Many qualified people with a simple degree fail to highlight their skills and end up either unemployed or employed in a non-suitable profile.

Considering all these market challenges, Youth4work aims to help not only the youth but also the employers in understanding the candidature on the basis of talent & skill-sets. It is the only platform where an individual is ranked based on skills.

Ranking (yRank) for the skills is based on the online talent tests (yTest) available for over 250 skill-sets. The main idea behind this is to help companies with the process of recruitment. With recruitment going digital, the talent acquisition process is getting smarter. Youth4work is enhancing the process of recruitment with the use of technology to segment the job seekers on the basis of their individual talents.

Today, every company/organization hires candidates who best fit the requirements. With over 250 online talent tests there are millions of users who test their talent and based on which their rank is generated so that a company can easily decide which candidate to hire.

So considering the companies perspective, Youth4work’s talent assessment tool helps them with convenient and intelligent hiring. As a result, the company is able to save on time and effort while hiring. Youth4work that prioritizes candidatures based on skill-sets makes the hiring process easy and seamless for your company.