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Define Yourself

‘About’ is like self-stating information which you can add about yourself. It lets you describe yourself and lets you showcase who you really are through your writing skills instead of any verbal communication.

A good ‘About’ creates an impression that would last in the mind of the reader or visitor. When your name is recalled for any specific thing your ‘About’ is the first thing that strikes the reader. Through ‘About’ you share the information which you want others to know about you.

The ‘About’ section is an overview that needs to be catchy enough to bind the interest of the readers to read till the end. From your name to your hobbies, your desires for your education you can cover anything in this. To reiterate, ‘About’ is a brief introduction for you by yourself!

So want to know how to make your profile impressive and add an attractive ‘About’? Follow these steps.

1) Click on edit profile from the top right corner

2) Now click on edit right next to them about. There you can tell everything about yourself.