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What Is yMatch On Youth4work?

The way people are ranked and listed on Youth4work

yMatch is an algorithm that takes into consideration yRanks of the various talents you choose to search for.

yRank for any talent considers yTest score, profile completeness, activeness, talent forum reputation, social compliments, and other parameters.

yMatch shows you the best matching people with whom you can engage and start productive conversations with.

How does yMatch work?

  • If you search for only one talent, you will find top yMatching people with that talent.
  • If you search for more than one talent, you will find top yMatching people who have both talents but are listed as per the relative yRanks of both the talents.

And after finding the required talent, recruiters can further gauge their abilities or schedule interviews by reaching out to them by:

  1. Accessing their contact details.
  2. Sending them WorkMails

We are now the quickest and most effective way to engage and hire people on the web. Just send emails to the TOP 100 profiles and see the results. 98% of employers who used and hired within 3–5 days of sending premium WorkMails to top yMatching profiles are now using Youth4work for all their new recruitments.

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