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  • How To Complete Your Company’s Profile?





How To Complete Your Company’s Profile?

Profile Completion Graph

A company profile is a window that gives youth a preview of the company and its objectives. The company’s profile conveys the important details to the youth/ visitors.

The profile completion graph on the Dashboard shows how strong and detailed a profile is, i.e. have all the profile elements been filled up by the company representative.

  • The more complete the profile the higher the measure of this graph and higher chances of growing your followers and job applicants.
  • Read — How to make your Company Profile stronger to improve the profile completion graph.
  • Along with the graph, this section has two buttons named ‘Views’ and ‘Edit profile’.
  • ‘Views’ will guide you to your popularity graph
  • ‘Edit profile’ redirects you to update your company details

Suggests you to complete the profile and keep it up-to-date

To go to Your Dashboard, click

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