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yTest: How The Online Talent Test Are Timed?

yTest are specially designed adaptive online tests that help Youth4work members in developing better test-taking skills, mastering core concepts of subjects and also increasing profile popularity that ensures better job opportunities.

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But this blog is not about the importance of yTest. It deals with an important question that comes to any test taker’s mind – How does the time allotment for each question in yTest work?

So, here is the Intelligent Algorithm that works behind these adaptive online tests:

The preliminary time slot for each question is decided by the test makers deemed adequate by them. But this time slot gradually changes depending upon a number of factors, which is why; these online talent tests are called Adaptive Tests.

Youth4work yTest is based on Game Theory, so the time slots keep on changing according to 3 relatively major factors, which are

  1. The number of Test takers on a particular yTest.
  2. The average time is taken by each yTest taker.
  3. The ratio of correct to incorrect questions answered by each test-taking candidate.

So the level of a particular online talent test (yTest) will always remain dynamic, keeping the test highly unpredictable which is the need of the hour. The sole purpose of a yTest is to challenge the innermost weaknesses of the candidate, teach them to embrace them and gradually, instill greater potential.

Hence, before attempting another yTest, make sure you understand the intricacies of the unpredictable territory you are entering and get charged accordingly.

Are you ready? Click here to try one of the yTest.