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Don’t Hide Your Talents, Showcase It

Talent is not meant to be hidden but how to highlight your talent might be a challenge sometimes. With Youth4work we are bringing a platform to you where you can easily highlight your talent, which attracts employers and increase your chances of getting hired.

Youth4work mainly focuses on talent and helps in building an environment where people with similar talents practice a healthy competition with each other and exchange ideas and information with each other. Thus, it provides a platform with a one-stop solution where you are ranked among various others across the globe.

‘Talent Graph’ is one of the features of your Youth4work profile, where your talents are not only listed but based on your performance in the online talent tests, it gives a graphical representation.

The ‘Talent Graph’ is 2-D with ‘x’ & ‘y’ axis graph where the x-axis represents your global rank that is the rank among the total test takers of the world and y-axis represents your rank in the city that is how high your rank is your respective city.

The graphs show all of your tested talents. This is also vital to assess the skill you have acquired and where you need to improve!