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Each year spent in your undergraduate college has vital implications on your career trajectory, indeed laborious time reaps mound of benefits whereas innocuous display will make it prosaic.

Youth4work, with its pioneering work on CBAs (Computer based assessments) have taken a prophetic note of a void in collegiate education. This void is created due to absence of professional vocation through the structure of academic pedagogy.

Although on-campus placements are surd only for the students in the ultimate batch of the institution, having said that grooming of professional fervor at the outset of education discourse has been the order of the day. To take note of the aforesaid, we at Youth4work have introduced the concept of robust Professional college assessments.

Our aim is to not only test their academic knowledge but also to equip young undergraduates in soft job specific skills such as general awareness, aptitude to name a few. Youth4work, on the basis of holistic research in development of soft skills has intelligently demarcated professional tests on the basis of progressive years of undergraduate course.

Year 1

The greenhorns of the college are expected to hone skills in General Awareness, Communication skill and Aptitude. The focus is not on perfection, but on persistence and skill development.

Year 2

In the subsequent year, stress is laid on Aptitude and General Awareness of a slightly higher level; also candidates are assessed in their academic domain, i.e. if there is B. Tech. Mechanical student, he is tested in a test on the topic of Mechanical Engineering.

Year 3

In the penultimate year, we’ve more challenging assessments on Aptitude and General Assessments. Additionally, assessments are designed on core topics with differential levels of difficulty.

Year 4

In the last year, the year when companies visit campuses to recruit talent, the professional test comprises of the advanced level of Aptitude, domain-specific tests with levels up to seven. Moreover, an assessment is created based on the compilation of various pre-recruitment screening tests created by top MNCs around the world.

Refer to the deck below for more insights to college solutions

The aim of these professional tests is to mould collegian students professionally in a clinical manner.

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