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My Candidate Pool – Stay Connected To Your Candidate

This feature named ‘My Candidate Pool’ helps the companies to review all the users whom they have sent work emails. As the name connotes, My Candidate Pool shares the details of your connections to the employers and recruiters.

Follow the steps to stay connected:

  1. Go To My Candidate Pool Profiles

2. Shortlist and Connect with candidates

You can download the resume of the applicants, view their profile and shortlist them for your job vacancy.

  • A company gets access to full contact details of profiles who have received WorkMails from its side.
  • The data consists of all the people contacted in the last 30 days by the company.
  • Click on any profile name or ‘view profile’ to view all the details of the person.
  • See Mobile Numbers of people directly. (They are hidden here to maintain confidentiality)
  • Along with access to the details, a company can also download the resumes of the candidates’ profiles if they like. Click on Resume to download resumes of the candidates directly

3. Filter candidates by Advanced Search

This shows how to stay connected to your candidates and shortlist them according to your requirements.

If you are a company and looking to build your talent pipeline, do not shy away from connecting with people through WorkMails.

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Search for My Candidate Pool Profiles here: