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Corporate Premium Solutions: Explore, Adopt And Rule

Corporate Premium Solutions: Explore, Adopt and Rule

Youth4work provides a wide range of recruitment solutions for companies to dig in deep to find a talent that matches with their Job profile and have relevant expertise.

The various type of corporate solutions include:

1. Premium Work Mail:

The recruiters can select their assessed profiles and contact them through WorkMails. This work mail feature helps you reach a very specific audience or a talent pool which are pre-assessed on our platform on the basis of the yRank Algorithm.

For more details on this, click here

2. Top Recruiter Account:

Top Recruiter Account gives you access to the talent profiles on the Youth4work platform. You’re not only provided the resumes of the relevant profile but also a collection of smart, pre-assessed and ranked profiles.

Once you have access to our database you can take your process forward by directly contacting the desired talents and can even schedule your interviews directly.

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3. Custom yAssess :

Customize your tests, scoring pattern, access control and comments on our platform. Custom testing assures that we provide our corporate partners access to our platform functionality whilst not being restricted to a set testing framework.

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4. Managed Recruitment Solutions :

With our managed recruitment solution, you can just relax while we spread your job description to the world, find and filter from thousands of applicants and schedule shortlisted job seekers for interviews.
Our Hiring experts coordinate with you one on one and give you a complete hiring solution and an unmatched experience.

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5. yCampus- Campus hiring :

Campus hiring service provides the recruiters to gauge the talents by being at the campus virtually. Here, our company’s recruitment expertise visits the desired campus which our corporate partners suggest and conduct the recruitment proceedings at the campus.

You can try our ycampus hiring solution by clicking here.

Here are a few testimonials from some of our recruiters: