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Encountered ‘Log-In Error’? Relax And Follow These Simple Steps To Troubleshoot

The moment when log-in error welcomes you while you are all perturbed as your examinations are approaching and decide to practice online tests, it is certain that you will be ferocious. So, what’s the next move? Wait! We’ll tell you.

The first thing is to relax while our suggested simple steps will lead you out of this log-in failure situation. Below mentioned are the steps.

# Step 1: Check for properly working internet-connection

We know this is the most common step but believe me, I have often found myself and even my friends cringing for not getting directed to the page without even checking the internet connection. So, simply open your browser and browse a few websites like If the website loads quickly, we suggest you move on to the 2nd step.

#Step 2: Check if you are on the best network

There can be a probability that you are connected to the internet but the websites you are browsing are too slow to load. This can be a situation if you are not on the best network. We advise you to close the software or downloads which are currently in use. Also, check if there are any service faults in your area.

Step 3: Check if you have entered your credentials correctly

In step 3rd, we recommend you check for your username and password. It sometimes happens due to the reason that caps lock button of your system is turned on or off. So, we recommend you to check the same.

Step 4: In case, you are unable to log-in even after punching in the right credentials

It happens a number of times that you are unable to log-in even after putting the right credentials. In this case, just wait and refresh until the page loads completely.

Step 5: In case, you forgot your password

As a number of personal as well as professional email id’s are required in today’s world to communicate better, there are chances that you forget the password. In this case, just click on “forget password button” and you will be directed to the page where you have to enter your email id. After you click submit on that, the password will be mailed to your email id. Hence, you just have to reset the password.

We hope that these simple steps and a short guide will be helpful to you. Just keep pouring your feedbacks to us so that we can make Youth4work’s online platform the most convenient affair for you.