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yAssess: Custom Tests Tool By Youth4work

Empowering HR Managers and Recruiters to create and administer custom tests

Yes, Companies and HR recruiters can now create own custom tests without any hassle!

What is yAssess?

  • yAssess — Custom Tests is Youth4work’s platform solution to create own custom assessments to test people’s skills.
  • yAssess is a hosted SAAS based model that helps organizations centralize their recruitment life cycle.
  • Youth4work provides this unique tool to its corporate partners and to the companies linked with the platform for filtered recruitment according to the respective needs.

Why to use yAssess — Online Custom Tests?

Because it’s way more Advantageous!

Limitations of Offline Assessments
  • Offline assessments have their limitations as shown here.
  • Online assessments help to reduce and shorten the recruitment time
  • Recruiters can objectively select the best and the right people for their interview rounds.
  • yAssess plays a crucial role to get a brief understanding of the candidates ahead of interviews.
  • Recruiters can assess candidates on specific skills or subjects during the recruitment process.
  • yAssess is an interesting #HRTech to be used post-recruitment of candidates to test on-the-job knowledge and progress.
  • This tool also helps HR Managers to create Individual Development Plans for current employees under the Talent Management process.

How to start using yAssess — Online Custom Tests?

There are 2 main ways to start using yAssess

yAssess — Custom Tests from Dashboard
  1. Through Dashboard
  • Log in to your company (recruiter) account and you’ll see your Dashboard.
  • From the left-side panel, click the ‘Custom Test’ icon to take you to yAssess page.
  • On yAssess page, you can create new custom tests and manage existing custom tests.

yAssess — Custom Assessments through site Header

2. Through site Header

  • Log in to your company (recruiter) account
  • From the ‘For Hiring’ tab dropdown, select ‘Custom Assessments’ to start using yAssess

Managing yAssess through Company Dashboard

Custom Tests Dashboard
  • When you scroll down on your company dashboard, you see a section dedicated to all your custom tests.
  • This section lets companies create and manage all custom assessments effortlessly. In addition to it, companies can check their results instantly.

Learn How to Create your First Custom Tests now — here

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