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How To Find Local, Profiled, Ranked And Available Talent

We all know how difficult is to hire the right person.

Talent Search on Youth4work

Finding ‘active job seekers’, ‘assessing’ ‘screening them’ to find whether they have the skills required for your job. does this process for you:

Finding > Filtering > Screening > Assessing > Showcaseing their Ranked Talents for hiring or any other communication.

e.g., your company is looking for PHP developer 0–3 yrs experience, You simply send WorkMails to the top profiles from here and you will be able to schedule interviews directly without the hassles of knowing whether this person has the interest and skills for your job.

Similarly, you will be able to find top rated job seekers from over 1 Million+ profiles and hire quickly.

We have been working on our algorithm and understanding the quintessential element for making the process of hiring simpler. Our ‘yRank algorithm’ which takes into account the perceived talent, online talent test performance and work profile for ranking the best most active job seekers proven for the skills.

Over 12500 employers and recruiters use Youth4work for their talent sourcing needs.

So, let’s find Talented People for you? Click Talent Boards

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