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How Y4W Verifies And Showcases Your Talent?

Youth4work is proud to be a talent assessment portal that encourages youngsters in assessing their innermost potentialities and work towards enhancing them into professional skills.

These skills will be the primary key for getting recognition and popularity on the portal. Your Youth4work profile comprises of the following major features.

1. Public Profile

2. yTest

3. Talent forum/Discussions

4. yChallenge

5. yTal Report

Keeping all sections of your Youth4work public profile updated is extremely important if you wish to shine in front of online recruiters and employers registered on our platform. You can view the profile completeness meter that tells how complete your profile is.

Each section carries an important professional characteristic that might be a deciding factor, affecting your chances of getting shortlisted by companies. Hence your Youth4work profile should be complete and regularly updated at all times. The more popular your profile is the higher your chances of getting viewed by top companies and getting recruited. To learn how to improve your popularity you can see this.

You may also opt for Premium Profile Service in case you wish to give an extra boost to your profile ranking. Know all about Youth4work Premium Profile from this link:

Hence you need to really work hard on your Youth4work profile, achieve a good yRank and also maintain it consistently so that multiple recruiters can review your performance, see your profile and offer you some good job opportunities. To see how an assessed profile with yRank is different from a normal profile check this.

Start working on your profile today.