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Register As A Youth At Youth4work

Step 1: Click on Register Free from the from the site header.

Step 2: You will see the following window to proceed. You need to select ‘Youth’ as the option if you are a student/job seeker/working professional/freelancer.

Step 3: In the next window, fill in your basic details:

Name: For employers, recruiters and other users to address you.
 Email id: For receiving all update emails from Youth4work and opportunity emails from employers and recruiters
 User Name: To login on the platform (your public profile URL will bear this user name, e.g.
 Password: Choose your login password carefully so that you don’t forget and accessibility becomes easy
 Mobile No.: Enter your current mobile number only so that any employer or recruiter connects with you directly.

Step 4: In the next window, fill in your Education Details

College Name: There are already 5900+ colleges registered on Youth4work. When you start typing your college’s name, you’ll see your name in the list pop-down. Select your college. Entering correct college details is essential as some employers & recruiters are may be particular about candidates from certain colleges. You should enter the most recent college details during the registration process.

Select Degree: Enter your course, e.g. B.Tech — Bachelors of Technology or B.Com — Bachelors of Commerce. Entering the correct course name is essential as this is one of the most important criteria of talent searches by companies.

Specialization: Enter your specialization, e.g. Mechanical, IT, Electrical, etc.
 Location: Your current location is automatically picked up by the system based on the IP address. You can change the current location also. This field is important as location is one of the important criteria of talent searches by companies. (From the Edit Profile section, you can add 3 locations for work preference. This gets added to your job matching criteria)

Batch: Choose the starting and ending year of your most recent course stated above. This determines your course length and your passing out the year.

Step 5: In the next window, enter your 5 perceived talents.

The system will ask your talents one by one. Once you start typing your talent, a pop-down list will appear. You can select one from them. There are already 5000+ talents listed on Yout4work by all the users. There are 250+ talents with yTests to assess your performance. Click here to see talents with yTests.

Entering correct talents is important for the Youth, as Talent is the most important criteria for candidate search by employers and recruiters.
 These talents act as an additional set of skills that support your resume. Employers can gauge your abilities on the basis of your performance on that talent.

Registration on Youth4work is a definitive process for the Youth, as only based on the information entered by the youth shall he/she get relevant opportunities to access and apply.

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