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How To Check Your Reputation Scores?

Now that we understand the concept of Reputation Board, let us see how to check your reputation points for a particular talent. In the talent profile section of your public profile, you’ll see all your talents — the ones you have listed during registration and the ones you would’ve taken yTests for later on. Again remember that these talents form the core basis for your profiling and matching criteria with job opportunities.
 In each talent, you’ll see a part called Reputation, along with your yRank (amongst X youth), your yScore, Vouch, and Recommendation. Here we’ll concentrate on Reputation, as marked in the following image:

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If you have participated in that talent forum earlier, you would have earned some points, which will be shown. When you hover the mouse or cursor over the Reputation, you’ll see an explanation on Reputation.

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When you click on the icon it takes you to the reputation board where a list of leaders is displayed. And you can see your score, and where you stand!