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Recruiter’s Community

At Youth4work, we believe that communities assisted by technology can help each other in a far better way.

We want to unite all recruiters to help each other by sharing intelligence and feedback, caring for each other and candidates.

There are about 40,000 candidates vs 1 recruiter in the world. 
 if we could all have a common pool of feedback on profiles we like, dislike or find something worth sharing about. 
Imagine you as a Recruiter saving time by not chasing the same candidate again if the fellow recruiter has found something peculiar about him/her. Or better yet imagine if you already have feedback on how good the candidate is and his expectations even before making a call.

We are enabling YOU to share and see each others ‘Notes’ on the candidate.
(If you share your notes then you can see other’s note, though you can keep your notes private if you wish, in that case, you will not be able to see other people’ note)

Some Community Principals / Rules:

  • Share genuine notes and feedback on profile, preferably after your call with that person. Eg. ‘Good communication skills expect 20k salary’ is good feedback, ‘did not pick up call’ is a bad way to communicate and does not really say anything about that person.
  • Do not be harsh, show a lack of empathy towards that candidate.
  • Avoid personal details while writing down notes. Please keep in mind that the intent of the note is to help you go back to the candidate and proceed/reject the next hiring process, also if you are sharing, it can be seen by others.

We will take action against people abusing this system.
Also, we will slowly start limiting access to viewing other recruiters’ feedback in case you are not adding any yourself.

The more we share the more we see others.

Let’s build a RECRUITER Community together.