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Are WorkMails Free For Companies And Youth?

What is the cost of using WorkMails?

  • WorkMail is a time-optimizing premium solution for Companies by Youth4Work.
  • Companies using this platform for contacting and selecting candidates for various positions in their firms can boost their selection process by opting for Premium WorkMail Solutions.

Advantages of Premium WorkMail Account

  • Premium WorkMail subscription allows recruiters & companies to contact a huge number of candidates at one go and over a period of time.
  • Recruiters and Companies get access to all the premium filters.
  • Once WorkMail is sent to users, their contact details including emails and mobile numbers become visible to the companies in 2 ways — 1) In those particular users’ profiles. 2) In the yConnected database of companies.

What are WorkMail subscription plans?

Premium Solutions —

Such candidates are marked well above others in the talent pool which can be easily browsed about in Youth4work search, by recruiters using the Corporate Premium Solutions.

So if we are, to sum up, the benefits of Premium WorkMails, they would be.

+ Contact assessed profiles directly

+ Selection through a thoroughly analyzed talent pool

+ Less Time Consuming

Helps you select the right people for a particular job

After your talent board search and filtering, which can be highly specific exactly the way you need, the recruiter can easily initiate communication with the proper ones, the relevant pre-assessed youth and, in fact, quickly close all their recruitments needs. Give it a try — here

Using WorkMails, a company can connect to numerous youth at one go. The more the number of mail credits you have the more you can be connected to the youths.

  • This section on Youth4work also shows the number of work emails left along with the validity.

→ So search your desired talent and send them a WorkMail and know your candidates virtually first easily.