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Where To Find The Solutions Of Questions On Youth4work?

Knowing Answer is not Enough, Y4W emphasizes Users to provide solutions to the difficult questions while providing answers!

We have grown up seeing that we get the perfect learning’s from those who have a sound understanding of a topic or hold expertise. Our learnings are not dependent on just knowing the correct answers but it depends on our understanding of the solution to get that answer.

While attempting questions when you get a wrong answer you get curious to know the right answer and then the process or the best way to solve it. But in today’s busy world after stepping out from schools and colleges, knowing solutions is very difficult. So, where to look for these solutions? The best answer with the solution lies with the experts or the ones who are avid learners or researcher scholars.

As the platform Youth4work has the number of questions there are times when a user can see the answer but he struggles with the solution. The platform emphasizes the users providing the answers to also share the solution/s with special focus on the approach in the associated ‘comment’ box.

In cases where Y4W user has query related to the particular question itself that can also be posted in the same comment box which resides right next to the question you are attempting.