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We can be your Man Friday

Managed Recruitment Services(MRS) is the ultimate solution for employers who want a perfect talent for their job but don’t have time and resources to carry out the lengthy recruitment process.

With MRS, our hiring ninjas take up the responsibility of screening and filtering the candidates in your term still the interview process.

We do the heavy lifting, you would simply find out their cultural fit.

How it works ?

Here, the hiring experts at Youth4work, through its pool of students using the technology or manually, make sure they provide a guaranteed Profile to the recruiter such that their talent is the best amongst the pool of students and matches that Job description. And then, the recruiting manager from our end will make sure that the proceedings are efficiently coordinated.

What we promise (Our process) ?

MRS employs a three-step process that ensures the recruiter gets what they need.

This 3 step process also makes sure that the candidates are properly screened and filtered. This process involves a feedback mechanism that makes sure that the employer is totally satisfied with the talent we supply.

To get more details on how these services are different from what others offer and provide an optimum solution for you, click here.