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A Guide To Earn Reputation Points At Youth4work

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, what’s a sundial in the shade?” ― Benjamin Franklin

Certainly, there is no scant of disbelief in the above statement quoted by Benjamin Franklin. Talent seems to be inefficacious if it is not known to the world. Every individual aspires to earn a good reputation in the eyes of others by leveraging or showcasing his/her talents.

Talents are sometimes hidden or not acknowledged by some people. Thus, there is always a need to assess, understand and improve the areas where you lack. Thankfully, Youth4work does it all by providing you a platform where you are not just restricted to showcase your skills and talents publicly but can also earn the reputation points based on them.

In order to understand how to earn reputation points on the Youth4work platform, it’s substantial to know about the “Reputation Board”.

Reputation Board: Understand from the scratch

This is a ranked list of youth who have earned most Reputation Points for a particular talent. An individual builds his/her reputation by helping the talent community by sharing his expert and relevant answers to the questions/posts on the forum.

As per the below example, Reputation Board is a ranked list of youth who have earned most Reputation Points for English Language talent. The best part about the reputation board is the fact that it is a fully transparent process.
We believe the person who shares the knowledge, helps others to learn and participate in building the community is valuable and hence deserves to be popularized. This allows the individual to get a better yRank which further helps him/her in getting better opportunities.

Below displayed image of the Reputation Board will give you a better idea of it. If you have participated in that talent forum earlier, you would have earned some points, which will be shown. When you hover the mouse or cursor over the Reputation, you’ll see an explanation on Reputation. A click on the icon directs you to the reputation board where a list of leaders is displayed.

As seen above, the youth are listed in decreasing order of the points earned. The youth with the highest points has a score of 100 percentile and the relative lower scores of others follow thereon. This percentile score forms one of the important criteria of the increment of yRank, apart from other factors.

How does Reputation Board work?

In order to learn how reputation board works, click on the ‘How it works’ section on top of the reputation board page. The transparent system helps you know where you stand in the community, lets you interact with others, learn and find relevant opportunities.
 The more you indulge in learning, the more you will be able to score high on reputation.

Also, there is an important fact you need to follow to earn more reputation points which go like this: “Different actions while answering earn different points: A Point of Great Significance”

Apart from this, below mentioned is the explanation of points that you gain with every action of yours.

How many points do you get with every single action?

· Leaving an answer on other people’s posts helps you gain 50 points

· Indicating when questions and answers are useful helps you gain 10 points

· Indicating when questions and answers are not useful helps you gain 10 points

· Bringing content to the attention of the community via flags helps you gain 15 points

Moreover, different actions while posting a question help you to earn different points. Below mentioned is the explanation of the points that you gain with every action of yours.

How many points do you get while posting a question?

· Asking a question or contributing an answer on own post helps you gain 1 point

· If the question you asked is viewed more than 50 times, i.e. if the question is decently popular, it helps you earn 5 points

· If the question you asked is viewed more than 100 times, i.e. you asked a very good question, it helps you earn 10 points

· If you are a moderator, then editing or deleting a post shall earn you 1 point.

We take pride in the fact that a good number of people who are connected with us feel enlightened as our process is not complex, it lets the youth earn reputation points easily by following above mentioned simple rules.

If you are also looking for some great prospects and want to get featured in top talent searches, earning a reputation for your talents will lead you to the world of opportunities. This will also increase your yRank!