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What Is A yChallenge?

Online Talent Tests (yTests) and Prep Tests are designed for youth who wish to work systematically and progressively towards a particular skill achievement or goal.

Another feature of Youth4Work for testing a candidate’s skill and persistence in tests is the yChallenge.

yChallenge is a specially designed online test that is focused on assessing youth’s intelligence in subjects but is usually put forward by fellow Youth4Work members or by companies.

The idea behind yChallenge is to increase social and professional interactivity between Youth4Work members and also increase user engagement. Most quizzes listed in the network are focused on current events or focused on a particular subject study.

They too follow the same pattern in terms of MCQ style question answers and time-bound method. But the number of questions could be as high as 100. So make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Create your self-designed test and challenge your competitors: