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How To Take/Practice Prep Tests?

A simple guide to attempt questions and see performance reports

Step 1 — Sign in or Register on Youth4work

Click here to get registered on Youth4work.

Step 2 — Select the Prep Tests from your Dashboard

Select Prep Tests
  • This will open the home page for Prep Tests.

Step 3 — Select the Exam Category

  • There are 18 different categories of competitive exams to choose from, including Government Jobs, Bank Papers, Management, Engineering, Placement Papers, Railways, Defence, Law, etc.
  • Inside each category, five (5) exams are listed. All other exams in a category can be seen by clicking on the ‘See More’ link.
  • If your exam appears directly in the category box, click on it to start your practice.
  • The exam structure is as follows: Exam >> Section >> Topics

Step 4 — Select the exam from the list

  • Forums can be used to discuss topics related to the exam.

Step 5 — Start your “Take Mock Test” Button

  • After choosing your exam, click on the ‘Take Mock Test’ to attempt questions from all sections in the exam.
  • Alternatively, to practice any particular section, you can click on ‘Take Test’ for any section.
  • The sectional test covers various Topics that can be practiced individually by clicking on Section Name.

Step 6 — Mock Tests — Select the exam paper pattern

Step 7 — Attempt the questions

  • Give the answer by clicking on any option. The test timing and hardness are dynamic, based on the attempted questions. This is called Adaptive timing as mentioned earlier.

Step 8 — Analyse the question and give feedback

Step 9 — Finish and see report

  • At any point, if you wish to end the practice in the middle itself, click on the ‘Finish and See Report’ button, visible after any question attempt.
  • This will lead you to your Prep Report directly.

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