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Acknowledging yRank

yRank is an algorithm that creates a real-time competition between youth for talent leadership. The algorithm is continuously learning from youth interactions on the platform and getting well versed about how to rank each user.

Know how yRank works

The Most Common Question of all Users:

Q: I want to know the criteria of providing yrank, on which basis it is provided.?? I have seen the profile of top rankers’, they complete only 40% test and have a better rank than me whether achieved 65% in that test…. Please make it clear so that I can improve my rank.

Here is an article for you to understand “yRank” better

Whenever you attempt a yTest, the grade is allotted, named as “yScore” which is provided with yRank (in 3 scenarios) and a performance report. Might be your yScore is not good enough for a good rank but you still able to manage a high yRank.

3 Scenarios of yRank:

  1. World yRank shows your rank worldwide
  2. College yRank shows your rank among your college students
  3. City yRank shows your rank among the users of the same city

It is just because yRank doesn’t only depend upon yScore. yRank for any talent considers yTest score, profile completeness, activeness, social compliments, and other parameters.

yScoreschanges over time: Each of our tests gets more talented every day, as new questions are added and more people answer each question, helping us understand their difficulty level. This means your score will naturally change slightly over time, as more people take each test. Take tests periodically as you learn to keep your scores up to date.

yRank is the cumulative rank that a youth acquires for talent, by putting in the efforts on various attributes of his/her profile. yRank is a feature, unique to only Youth4work platform, that suggests a youth to develop or work on the specific talent in order to present oneself for better career opportunities.

How to increase your yRank?

yRank depends upon your overall performance in Youth4work. There are 7 factors to improve your yRank. Focus on these and you can see visible results:

  1. yScore through yTests — The most important factor
  2. Reputation Points via Talent Forums
  3. Profile Completeness
  4. Activeness in Youth4work
  5. Social Vouch
  6. Compliments
  7. Premium Profile

Fluctuation in yRank:

Q: What if I have tried to increase my yRank by considering all these factors but still my rank drops?


Not only you are trying to improve your rank, there is a huge competition. You are competing with nearby 3.3 million users.

Solution: Your Continuous Participation in Youth4work Platform

Attempt more and more online talent test, answer and ask questions in forums, update and complete your profile, write blogs, try mock test of any competitive examination and explore our online certification courses.

By Youth4work on February 7, 2018.

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