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7 Ways to Improve yRanks On Youth4work

With over 60 lakh graduates passing out each year, the competition is tough and employers face tough times too in selecting candidates for their open vacancies. Employers and recruiters are rapidly moving towards pre-assessed or pre-tested candidates to make their recruitment/hiring process faster and smoother to bring down the cost of talent acquisition. yRank is Youth4work’s proprietary algorithm which ranks youth based on their talent performance and makes the data relevant for employers and recruiters.
What is yRank?
yRank is the cumulative rank that a youth acquires for talent, by putting in the efforts on various attributes of his / her profile. yRank is a feature, unique to only Youth4work platform, that suggests a youth to develop or work on the specific talent in order to present oneself for better career opportunities. yRank is an algorithm that creates a real-time competition between youth for talent leadership. The algorithm is continuously learning from youth interactions on the platform and getting talented about how to rank each user.
 How to increase your yRank?
 For clarity, yRank is specific to one talent. It is not for one’s full profile. yRank is a function that is dependent on several factors, listed below. Each factor has a different weight and plays a role in series with or parallel to other factors to arrive at a yRank. The closely guarded secret is revealed below for the benefit of the youth to know and act. Read and increase your yRanks.
 1. yScore through yTests — The most important factor

yTests are simple 10 MCQ adaptive intelligence tests designed to assess your talent w.r.t. others. yScore is the percentile score you obtain after taking a yTest. Each of our tests gets more intelligent every day, as new questions are added and more people answer the questions, helping us understand their difficulty level. This means your yScore will naturally change slightly over time, as more and more people take yTests.

yScore is the most important factor of all to get a high yRank for a talent. Take yTests periodically so as to learn and maintain your yRank. However, the following factors collectively bear equivalent weight to yRank. So don’t neglect them.

2. Reputation Points

Another major factor is your participation in talent community discussion forums. Employers and recruiters value not only your test scores but also your contribution to the learning and development of the people in your talent communities. Participation in discussion forums yield points, which build up your Reputation for the talent. Asking relevant questions, giving informative and impactful answers liked by others, moderating a forum, etc. earns different points.

Build your reputation for the talent and stay at a higher yRank to attract opportunities. Moreover, you can encash the reputation points against listed offers also. Read more about Reputation Points here.

3. Profile Completeness

This is one of the important factors of yRank. Employers and Recruiters are interested in looking at profiles that are filled with the most information and true information. The major details a youth should fill in are: name, contact info (mobile no. and email id), current location, preferred job locations, latest education and should give at least 4–5 yTests to get yRanks.

4. Activeness

Most of the employers and recruiters always look out for the talented youth who are readily available to join their organizations. They look for people who are active in seeking opportunities and ready to interact. Respecting this requirement of employers and recruiters, the system takes into account your login on Youth4work platform and terms as Activeness. More frequent you login, the more active you are and accordingly a higher factor is assigned.
 If you log in more than once in a single day to take a yTest or edit profile or discuss in a forum, it’ll be counted as your one login for the day and the highest factor will be assigned. When you stop logging on the platform, the factor decreases day by day. So log in as frequently as you can.
 On Youth4work, ‘A log in a day, keeps yRanks at play’.

5. Social Vouch

A social vouch is any youth or company sharing about your talent on own social networks. It brings your profile in limelight and increases its reach to people who would generally never come across your profile. It’s not easy, but not very difficult also to get your friends and other youths you know from talent communities share about your talents on their social networks. And it happens just at a click of a button on one’s public profile.

6. Compliments

Like Social Vouch, Compliments on your talent profile adds weight for evaluation. Others can write a note of commendation against your talent in your public profile section. Each talent has a unique space for recommendations.

Again, you’ll have to make efforts to make people, who know your talent through prior-work experience and other youth through interactions in discussion forums write few words of commendation for your talents. But when they do, it adds tremendous value to your profile. And the algorithm takes into consideration a certain factor depending on the no. of compliments for talent and appends to your yRank.
 You might want to write a few compliments for your friends to get a few in return 🙂 Read more about Compliments here.

7. Premium Profile

If you are an active user and have very good yScores, participate in discussion forums, have got a few social vouches and recommendations, you are good to go high in yRanks. Though, there’s a chance that employers and recruiters may miss your profile. Moreover, you will face a tough competition of thousands of youth aspiring to get high yRank, and somebody will always tend to surpass you.
How would you break the clutter and emerge as the one ready and fit for a career opportunity posted by a recruiter? Youth4work’s Premium Profiling services help you do that. By upgrading to Premium Profiling service, you get our personal assistance in building up your profile and identifying talents, verifying and highlighting your profile, auto-insights for an opportunity, connecting with other youth and your own personalized profile card.
Upgrading to Premium Profile service adds a certain factor to your yRanks. However, one should also put in efforts to carry out the above 6 actions for Premium Profile service to be most effective. Read more about Premium Profile service features here.

Apart from these, there are other things that you can do on Youth4work platform such as take and create yChallenges, read-write-share yX stories, contribute questions for yTests, participate in freelance projects, etc and showcase your talents.
Thus, now that ‘The Secret Of yRank’ is out and you’ve known it too, don’t hold yourself from starting to improve your profile ranking. Let us see who makes the most out of this!