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Youth4work Profile Popularity

Youth4work is a talent assessment platform with more than 8,00,000 registered users. Thousands of users log-in every day in order to improve their skill set; thereby improving their chances of getting hired by companies. It is very important for the Youth of India to understand that recruiters nowadays are not just looking for candidates with a single employable quality, but are more focused on hiring candidates with experience in multiple profiles.

Hence, job seekers on Youth4work need to work both on your profile and test-taking skills in order to shine in front of the recruiter’s eyes on Youth4work platform.

Youth4work Profile Popularity

Youth4work assessed profiles of every user on the platform has multiple features like online public profile, video resume, talent profile, personal blog section, etc.

Here, we discuss the Profile Popularity Feature.

This feature provides access to a number of individuals as well as company profiles that have visited and viewed your profile at least once. They might have redirected to your profile through multiple channels (Talent Search, Google Search, etc.). Recruiters and Employers on Youth4work platforms are always on the lookout for fresh talent with a unique set of skills; a person who can handle multiple profiles. Do not ignore any visitor on your profile, especially a company, as they might your future workplace.

In order to gain popularity on the platform and attract multiple employers and recruiters to your profile on Youth4work, you can use a number of strategies.

Follow the Company on Youth4work

The initial, basic and simplest way for letting companies know you exist on the platform is by following their profile on Youth4work. You can find a number of companies in the Cos Jobs Sub-Portal.

Interact with them through Projects and Blogs

Each company has its own dedicated blog section. Read all the posts that have been written by them to know what that particular company does and what type of articles they display. Submit candid yet informative feedback in the blogs that interests you. Do not use foul language.

Select Multiple Talents

More is better. Apply this theory and start attempting yTests in various talents that fall under your area of interest. The more attempts you give, the more you get to learn. With time, your yRank will start climbing towards the top position but do not confuse it as the singular criteria for receiving a Work-mail from an employer.

Keep your Youth4work Profile updated.

Do not leave out any section, give time and thoroughly fill each box. An incomplete profile will be a strike point and might cost you a call from a reputed firm. Hence, you need to constantly work on keeping your Youth4work profile updated at all times.

Stay active on Talent Forums

Your leadership skills are definitely showcased in a talent forum. Put in questions of good intellectual value and engage with communities. Become a forum moderator and add a shining star to your Youth4work profile.