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Why Should Companies Join Youth4work?

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If you are Company / Employer looking for talent acquisition/hiring or recruiting people for open positions or projects or internships, you can have these following concerns :

  • How would you find the best fit or the right fit for open vacancies in your company? How would you ensure the incumbent is genuinely talented and interested to work for you?
  • How would you shorten the time of talent acquisition/hiring? How quickly can you hire or recruit the right talent?
  • Where would you find people who are pre-assessed and ranked for their skills and talents? Which platform or website gives you access to a refined database?
  • Where would you post your job/internship so that it reaches out to the maximum number of people? How can one job posting spread across 30+ job boards automatically?
  • How can you contact the interested candidates and be ensured of scheduling an interview within two or three days?
  • Which platform gives you the tools to create your own custom assessments or tests for hiring or training purposes?
  • Where can you find a talented pool of young people, who are skill-ready for specific jobs?
  • How can you build your followers and engage them with your updates?

Youth4work is the answer to all the above questions!
Youth4work is an exciting and innovative skills platform for those at the outset of their careers, to help assess and map their talent and join an expanding community to prepare for their career journey.

More than 333,000 youth have already registered and are building their profiles on Youth4work. These youth belongs to more than 5,800 colleges, and have collectively attempted more than 5.6 million questions of yTests. Daily more than 2000 employers and recruiters connect with youth for various opportunities (more than 10,000) through WorkMails and direct calls.
 So, if you are still thinking to join the Youth4work platform, you are thinking right, So go ahead and give yourself the opportunity you deserve!

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