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How To Find And Engage With Talents?

Select talents according to your preference

The selection of the right talent is a typical problem that every single company faces these days. It’s all about selecting the candidate who has the talent to guide the company to success.

  • Choosing the talent based on their talent is the need of the hour. Youth4work being a talent assessment portal provides an avenue to the companies where they can search the candidate based on their talents and hire the best of the candidates.
  • This ‘find top pre-assessed profile’ section provides assistance to the companies in searching the correct talent from the enormous talent pool available by creating a segmentation of users based on the set filters.

→The two filters, which are used here are

1)Talent/ Skillset

2) Preferred Location.

On clicking the ‘find talent’ button, you can connect to candidates based on the desired search results via work emails.

With this, Youth4work reduces the time and cost that is otherwise invested.

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