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What Is a yTal Report On Youth4work?

The yTal report gives a comprehensive analysis of your skill based on the yTests that you have appeared for. It is a detailed report on every talent that you have enrolled for, that helps you analyze your performance.

What is great about this report is, it gives analysis comparing all the youth on this platform who have enrolled in that talent. So you are getting an analysis that tells how you are faring as far as the best individuals on the platform are concerned. It also tells you the job prospects when you have that talent.

yTal reports can be accessed by two methods:

  1. Log-in your Youth4work account and on the homepage, you can easily spot the tab named “yTal Report”. Click on the tab and you’ll find your report.

2. Select the drop-down on My Profile and select yTal Report in the dropdown

After getting to the report page you will see this page

yTal Report: Competency Report

For every skill that you have enrolled and appeared yTest for, there will be two sections that describe your competency and the trends on that skill.

The job vs. job seeker section tells you the percentage of total jobs on our platform that hunts for a particular skill. Also, it compares the percentage of total job seekers who possess that particular skill. So you get a very good understanding of the job prospects as well as the competition for those jobs.

According to your preferred location, you get figures of avg salary offerings in that place.

The most important part of this report is the ranking section where you get to know your world, city & college ranks. Also, you get links to your profile, yTest page, discussion forums and courses offered.

The next section is on talent trends which are infographics based on talent and job availability, the top-paying city and the average experience-based salary.

This infographic is more focused on providing you with the information on job competitiveness, and the lucrativeness of those jobs based on your preferred cities.

yTal report relies on a robust backend algorithm to provide you with very reliable and relevant data. You can refer to these data and plan on how to improve your skills to get the right kind of job. So get going on your yTal report and get your preferred job.