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Youth4Work Assessed Profile vs. Regular Online Profile

We are living in a cut-throat competitive world. Agreed?

There are literally millions of fresh graduates entering the corporate hemisphere and they are determined to let others know, they are here to stay!

Those days when a limited number of employment opportunities were published in newspapers and flyers are long gone. We are now a part of the digital era where recruiters and employers have preferred an effective and relatively simple way i.e. online profiling.

An Online Profile is a blueprint of your academic and professional prowess that constitutes an essential and deciding factor in ensuring your employment in a corporate firm.

But how do we determine the legitimacy of the mentioned skills preemptively?

Some skills can be inflammatory, can’t they?

Hence, an online profile needs to be professionally assessed.

A leading corporate recruitment expert revealed that more than 46% of candidates applying for a particular job lie about at least 2–3 skills just to flavor up their profile and outshine others in a preliminary round.

The skills were vocational, academic and even in a few unfortunate cases, a listed hobby that once the candidate was questioned about, was left flummoxed.

An Online Assessed Profile depicts a legitimate score of a candidate’s depth about a subject or activity, level of understanding and the ability to understand the subject.

Youth4Work, an online self-assessment network helps candidates to connect with multiple employers according to their proved skills and assessed profiles. An Online Talent Test (yTest) attempted by the user helps in assessing the level of understanding of the candidate and also his/her ability to handle various sorts of problems in a limited time. The comparative score calculated by the adaptive algorithm (yAlgorithm) provides a professional assessment of a mentioned skill of the candidate that helps him/her in getting shortlisted by a company.

So to sum up, Youth4work profile has a few unique features that set apart from other online assessment networks

1. Professional Assessment of skill-set

You need to work progressively on your work skills in order to understand how dynamic the professional environment is. There are new technologies and issues arising each day. A passive learner may not survive this. Hence, you need to be someone bigger than that.

2. Publicly view-able assessed profile

Your online profile on the Youth4work platform is by default for public viewing. People, such as users, visitors, employers, recruiters or a guest, can view your profile as it gets crawled by Google, but for increasing your online presence. Soon, Recruiters will rely upon how easily are you searchable on their search engine. Get ready for that part.

3. Well-Structured with easily distinguishable sections

Each section of your public profile can be easily segregated from the other one. Hence, people can easily make out which section denotes what information.

4. Popularity Graph, Social Activeness and Extent of Professional Reputation

Your level of activeness on the platform and how much of a “Rockstar” are you, all can be seen from your profile popularity graph.

proven skill set, a professionally searchable assessed profile and a well-structured online resume are the ingredients of a true professional candidate.

Saddle Up for the best ride!

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