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How Online Assessments Help In Campus Recruitment?

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Campus Placements are logistic mayhem for Companies and Colleges alike. The task involves mining for diamonds in a stack of hay. Speaking numbers, MNCs source and test candidates from 6000–7000 campuses annually. It is a mind-boggling number if you consider pen and paper testing methodology. Majority of companies spoken of above prefer visiting colleges to test the prospective hire at the source. A normal college drive involves a presentation, test, Group Discussions (if no. is huge) and finally the interviews (technical and HR alike). However, the process consumes a lot of time and resources. Also, one must include cost which corresponds to managers traveling to campuses and bad hires.

Demerits of Conventional Campus Recruitment Drive:

  1. As mentioned, they’re mundane, time-consuming and lack any intelligence in their approach.
  2. The vintage college recruitment method fails to draw any insights into the skills and talents of candidates during short day long arbitration.
  3. The chances of attrition are high among the new recruits, as there is hardly any means to test their cultural fit.

Over that, the cost involved in taking care of logistics is huge considering at least two to three representatives who’ll travel to various campuses. The cost arrears will also include their stay and lodging expenses to be borne entirely by either companies or colleges. Online Assessment As discussed, traditional placement drive involves a lot of time and resource. The industry is on the verge of experiencing a paradigm shift where the initial screening is carried out through online assessments. The big leeway which online assessments have over traditional method is their flexibility to test candidates in diverse talent verticals. One can also judge their psychology and cultural fit through robust psychometric tests. Once you’ve weeded out non-serious candidates from the entire cohort, you can now go ahead and engage with the candidates having the right match. Therefore, assessments help you to save your valuable time and resources. Over that, assessments help you achieve less rate of attrition, thereby bringing down the much-touted employee turnover cost. Therefore, the benefits of including online assessments are insurmountable.

Let’s now visit a few one to one benefits of online assessments over the retro recruitment method.

  1. Online tests are easy to create, execute and take in sights. Owing to its flexibility, employers are at liberty to craft assessment pertaining to any domain and geography. There’s no requirement of repeating the mundane and unnecessary paperwork as in the case of traditional recruitment practices.
  2. You can add as many topics in a single assessment, for example, if you’re hiring for customer support executive, other than testing candidate’s communication skills, you would also like to assess their typing speed and essay writing skill. Online assessments provide you that extra dimension in your recruitment armory.
  3. The only logistic to be taken care of involves a Personal Computer with basic internet connectivity.
  4. Tests are holistically proctored at par with personal invigilation. Therefore, the integrity of tests is incorrigible.
  5. The biggest advantage online tests have over the traditional method is the turnaround time. As these are web bases tautologies, the results and report generation is a real-time process. What is really mean is that as soon as a candidate is done with her assessment, her evaluation report is generated in quick time.
  6. The detailed analytics and deeply dissected data furnish stupendous insights thereby helping employers in their decision making.
  7. Assessing so many candidates help you to build a huge talent repository, which you can use in your future hiring.
  8. A superior assessment challenge assesses to bring out their best to compete. Aforesaid aid in building your brand awareness.

A sophisticated assessment gives your talent acquisition team an opportunity to break the shackles of the outdated and largely ineffective recruitment process. It spurs them to think objectively and make decisions based on the key insights churned out by online assessments. Doing so they’re able to identify the right talent and exacerbate their performance.

Youth4work Campus Hiring Solution

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