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FIXED TEST- A Self Assessment Test

Custom Assessments have been created for specific applicants by selecting a subject and difficulty level. It helps the assessor to evaluate the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses via online assessment. There are two types of assessments: Adaptive Test and Fixed Test

In Adaptive Test, the questions adapt to the applicant’s behavior i.e. The difficulty level of the next question is decided based on the answer being correct or incorrect.

The Fixed Test represents the questions in a pattern where the applicant can choose any question to answer in the given time. The difficulty level of questions is decided during test creation. For more convenience, a new feature has been added.

FEATURE HIGHLIGHTED: “Skip” or “Mark for Review” Option

While taking an online test, it is difficult to answer the questions at the same time.

Snapshot from Custom Assessment Test

To adds ease in solving the questions with less pressure and able to manage the time according to the question, a new feature has been introduced. The applicant can choose the options of Skip or Mark for Review to any question.

Just above the question on the user screen, two options are shown as <Skip> and <Mark for Review>

Questions selected as <Mark for Review> will appear in yellow color on review screen and questions selected as <Skip>, will be assumed as unattended questions. Questions highlighted in blue color on the review screen indicates attempted questions.

The maximum allotted time for the assessment is defined in every exam

The applicant can go through the questions multiple times until the test is submitted. There is no compulsion to attempt all the questions.

After attempting the questions, the applicant can click on “Submit the Test”

Note: The test submitted with few questions attempted or left marked as “Skip” or “Mark for Review”, are counted as Unattended Questions and will be considered as the WRONG ANSWER. Hence, the result will vary accordingly.