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Understanding Youth4work Talent Forums.

Recruitment and talent acquisition has gone online as recruiters check out an individual’s online presence and activities he/she is involved in. And one good place to hunt for prospective candidates is Forums. Apart from yTests on Youth4work, Youth has a chance to showcase the talent also by participating in respective forums. Forum participation has a direct impact on the yRank increase!
So what exactly is a Talent Forum?

  • It’s an online discussion area where youth (and companies as well) could discuss various topics on talent.
  • The discussions or the interactions happen by asking questions, answering questions and commenting (critiquing) on answers.
  • Talent Forums are an important aspect of the Youth4work platform that facilitates peer discussions & learning, close and informative interactions with like-minded talented people.

The purpose is to get relevant information about any query that one has on any particular talent or skill.

How to search for a forum or discussion on Youth4work?
Method 1

Log-in to your Youth4work account and on the homepage, you can easily spot the tab named “Discussion”. Click on the tab and you’ll find relevant forum discussions.

Method 2
In your homepage, hover over the dropdown menu item “Test Yourself” and select the option “Discussions”.

You can type in your question in the text box next to Ask a Question

How to participate in Talent Forums?
When you land on any forum, you’ll see the page as:

You can check and participate in all the interesting discussions, check the Reputation Board and apply to be a moderator of the forum.

Viewing a Discussion
Click on a discussion and you will see the question and the answers given by many youths.

How to post a question in the discussion forum?
Asking a question or starting a discussion earns 1 reputation point!

  • If you are on the talent forum page and want to ask the community a question click on the ‘Ask a Question’ icon.
  • Select the talent on which your question is based.
  • Post the query on ‘Type question here’. Write a short description of the context of the topic and explain it if you want to.
  • Click on ‘Ask’. This will post your question in the forum.

Answering in a discussion
If you wish to answer any particular question from a subject that you have knowledge in, then click on the question and an answer box will pop up. You will have to write the answer in the space box provided. Click ‘Submit’ to post.

Answering a question will earn you 50 reputation points!
 How the answers are displayed in the discussion forum?
 The answers are displayed in the order based on two logics:

  1. The most recent answers are always displayed on top (chronological order).
  2. Any answer can be ‘Up-voted’ or ‘Down-voted’ by any reader, depending upon the relevance, helpfulness, and an approach that is rated by the reader.
  • All upvoted answers automatically come on top despite being posted earlier.
  • All downvoted answers automatically go down despite being posted recently or earlier.

The intent is to promote good and relevant answers to the queries posted by users 🙂 Hence we encourage you to participate in a constructive spirit to build good resources that are helpful to anyone who wants to know. Also, we recommend users not to downvote an answer unless it is very bad or abusive.
 If your answer is Upvoted, you earn 10 reputation points! In case of a Downvote, you lose 10 points!
 On the right-hand side of the discussion forum page, you can see the Reputation Board. This is the leader board of all the youth in that talent community in order of their participation in discussions and points earned hence. One can also encash the earned reputation points against various offers going on!
 Also, if any user would like to moderate the forum, he/she can apply for the same. A moderator of a forum enjoys special reputation benefits.
 Participating in discussion forums increases one’s chances of getting noticed by everyone using the Youth4work platform. Higher the participation, higher the yRank!