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10 Steps To Create A Strong Youth4work Profile

While registration or joining Youth4work is the first big step towards a bright career of choice, the next big step is to build your profile with all the appropriate details. Only then, you get matched with relevant career opportunities automatically. Moreover, your public profile is Google search enabled, i.e. your profile will feature in top google searches for your name. 
First, it’s important to check how your public profile appears to employers or recruiters and other youth. You can use the Public Profile URL to paste and share wherever on any other sites you want to. This URL bears your username, e.g.
Editing your public profile can be accessed in two ways:

  • After logging in, click on your photograph or name on page header that you will find on the top right corner and select Edit Profile. This can be accessed by the youth from whichever page he/she is on.
  • The other way is to go to myHome (default page on login) and click on Edit Profile icon from the left drawer as shown below.

You can start editing following 10 major sections

1 — Profile Header

These details describe you in brief. We recommend you to add your recent photograph in JPEG format, edited in squared dimensions for a better view.

Click on the blue pen icon on top-right to edit the other details without fail. A pop will appear as follows:

  1. Name: The way you want employers or recruiters and other youth to know and address you as.
  2. Professional Headline: This is a one-line description of your professional experience or aspirations whichever applicable.
  3. Your preferred time: Here you can enter a suitable time at which you can be contacted.
  4. Current Location: This location field is automatically filled up during initial registration. But you can change it.
  5. Preferred job locations: You can enter 3 locations where you choose to get career opportunities. Current and Preferred locations are a major criterion for employers and recruiters to search for talented youth.

Note: Be sure to save your details

2 — About and Career Aim

These sections portray you and your aspirations in detail. These sections will give insights into your concise writing skills and aspirations to whosoever are going through your profile.

  • In About Me, you should describe your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, domain work experiences and how would you like to stage your professional career.
  • In Career Aim, you can detail out or briefly explain what you want to do and to be in years to come. Aim realistically, so that the viewer or assessor connects easily with your profile.

3 — Education

You would have added your most recent education details during the initial registration process. It is recommended for the youth to add the most recent education details so as to get matched with relevant career opportunities.

Click on Add Education link to add more than one graduation or post-graduation education details.
 Click on Edit link to fill in more details for a particular education:

  • College: Name of your graduation / post-graduation college. More than 5800 colleges are already registered in our database. As you’ll start typing the full name, you’ll get list-downs to choose from.
  • University name: Colleges are automatically mapped to universities. If not, enter the name manually. If any discrepancy, contact the support administrator to the mail id in Contact Us page.
  • Name of Degree: Once you’ll start typing the name of the degree, you’ll get a list-down to select the exact degree, e.g. MBA-Masters of Business Administration, B.Tech-Bachelor of Technology, etc.
  • Specialization: Enter the specialization, e.g. Marketing, Finance, Mechanical, Electronics, etc.
  • Batch: Enter the duration of your study in from-to years format, if already passed out. Else choose current.
  • Marks: Convert your relevant marks — CGPA, percentile, etc. in percentage format and enter it.
  • Academic achievements: Adding these will give you an edge over others in the eyes of the recruiters.

Also, edit and fill your school education details for class 10th and 12th. Many employers and recruiters filter the data and screen profiles based on these details also. Completing these details can give you an edge over others for sure. Hence complete all your education details.

4 — Talents

These will list the talents you’ve already entered during the registration process. If you wish to add more talents, you can do it from here. Also, if you give any yTests for different talents, they automatically get added to this list. Talents are the most important criterion for relevant job opportunity matches. These talents become part of your Talent Profile listed with yRanks, Reputation, Social Vouch, and Recommendations.

5 — Work Experience

This section showcases your current and prior work experiences if any. Here’s a chance for you to highlight which companies have you worked with, what responsibilities have you handled, what results have you given, key projects undertaken and any major achievements during the stint.
To add new work experience, click on Add experience link and you’ll see the following fields:

Click on Edit link to update all the relevant details as and when there are changes, most important being the time of work in a specific company.

If you have worked in more than one company, click on Add experience to add the details.

6 — Projects

If you have undertaken any special projects in your career, you should add those project details too, e.g.

Adding a project by clicking Add Projects link will show you the following fields:

Adding projects related to certain talents will certainly differentiate your profile.

7 — Extra-Curricular Activity

Showcase your apart-from-work-&-study side to others by telling others about what are your interests in performing arts — dance and music, sports and literature reading.

For each category, you can enter a maximum of 4 lines. Hence you can club similar interests in a category if you have more.

8 — Resume

We recommend you to upload your updated resume along with building this profile. Many top recruiters access our databases and download profiles along with resumes. You might not want to miss a chance to get shortlisted.

Moreover, you can innovate by creating and uploading your video resume on YouTube and paste the URL here. We give you a chance to talk to employers and recruiters and other youth directly.

8.1 — Interested In

This small section tells about what kind of career opportunities you are interested in.

When you click on Edit:

  • If you are a pre-final year or semester student, you might be interested in taking INTERNSHIPS with companies.
  • If you are already working and looking for a change, you can select FULL-TIME opportunities and let the system know your availability.
  • If you want to undertake freelancing or part-time opportunities, you can select that option as well.

9 — Personal Information

Over here, you need to keep your contact details updated for employers or recruiters to contact you directly. These details are not visible to any other youth.

  • Address, City, Pin code: For companies to send you any hard copy letters, etc.
  • Mobile no: Your direct mobile no. is preferred so that companies can reach you directly.
  • Phone no: If you have a landline no., give that, else enter your secondary mobile no.
  • Email Id (1): This is your primary email id through which you did register on Youth4work. This is stored and shown to employers and recruiters to mail you.
  • Email Id (2): This is your secondary email id, in case your primary isn’t reachable.
  • Gender: Enter your respective gender
  • Date of Birth: Choose your correct DOB for correct verification of your age

10 — Blogs & Portfolio

You have a chance to showcase your writing skills and knowledge on relevant topics by writing blogs. You can add as many blogs as you want. In portfolios, you can add any project related pictures, videos, slides, etc.

Write, upload relevant pictures, tags and your blogs go live to all the users of Youth4work as a part of yStories feed in their myHome pages.
 More you update your profile, more relevant career opportunities shall automatically reach you.