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Compliments on Youth4work Profile

When somebody commends you and others are able to see it too, that’s the best laurel you get. These commendations bring about an edge of subjective evaluation of your profile by employers or recruiters. 
What is a Compliment?
A compliment is a note of representation qualifying certain characteristics in favor of someone or something. In Youth4work’s context, a compliment is a note written by any youth or employer recognizing your talents on your public profile. When anyone visits your public profile, often they would like to see if anyone else has spoken about your talents. Mostly, compliments come automatically and they have a good impact on your profile.
In compliment, the person can write about how the other person has used or uses that particular talent in current and past working, quoting examples, problems and solutions given, results produced, etc.
A compliment is different from a Social Vouch, which is sharing a youth’s talent on social networks.
 Whom to ask for a compliment?

  • It is important to list whom you want to get compliments from. Normally, people who value your talent, work and or services, such as managers, colleagues, co-workers, customers, and clients can compliment you well. To have people from your working group on Youth4work is beneficial that ways. Ask your friends and colleagues to create their profile today.
  • Also, you may contact youth from your talent communities and discussion forums, with whom you interact on various topics. How to contact them? Send direct WorkMail to them through the ‘Send Mail’ option on their profile page. You may customize the message in the mail with specifics on which of the talents you want them to compliment. Ask them to mention how they see you using your talent at studies in college, at work while dealing with problems, driving results, etc.
  • It is great to have a range of compliments for one talent, but too many compliments may project your profile as too much showy.
  • Moreover, also complimenting others first for their talents in the manner explained above increases your chances to receive compliments in return 🙂

How to recommend on Youth4work?

Step 1
Go to the youth’s public profile, the one whom you want to compliment. In the talent profile section, locate the talent you want to write a compliment for.

e.g. English Language talent of youth. Click on ‘compliment’ or anywhere on the talent. A dialogue box will open below.

Compliments on Other’s Talents from their Public Profile

Step 2
Write your compliment for the youth and click the ‘Compliment’ button. The recommendation will be added to the youth’s profile. You may also do a social vouch for the youth through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

e.g. Rachit Jain complimenting another youth for Marketing

An email notification goes to the youth as and when anyone compliments any of his talents.

Benefits of Compliments on Youth4work

  • Though compliments are not objectively evaluative, they add to your profile strength. Compliments act as references for employers and recruiters.
  • Sometimes, good compliments can earn you promotions.
  • A compliment is one of the criteria for an increase in yRank for a talent. So get as many compliments as you can 🙂

Your compliments can create a nice story for your profile. Compliment others and get Compliments now!