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Now Design Your Own Mock Tests

Users can make modifications to the test pattern on Youth4work

Choose what you want to practice

Traditionally mock tests are in line with the pattern of the actual exam. However, at times, the test taker would not want to attempt all the sections of the test. Maybe s/he is good at a certain area which s/he would like to exclude while practicing. So, are there any such modifiable mock tests?

Youth4work provides Prep Tests which can be modified in terms of the test-takers choice. This can be helpful when the exam pattern changes or for those who want to focus on specific sections and topics.

Here is a 3 step guide for you to create your own mock test.

Step 1 — Open the Exam you want to practice for

  • From Prep Test home page, choose your exam category and the specific exam you want to practice for.
Prep Home >> Management >> CMAT Exam
  • Here, we have selected the Management category and then CMAT exam to arrive at the CMAT exam prep page, showing all sections of the exam.

Step 2 — Creating a Mock Test for any exam

  • Click on the “Take Mock Test” button on the CMAT section to start the mock test.
  • Next, you will see a pop-up showing all the sections and a number of questions.

Step 3 — Edit the number of questions in each section

Editing Number of Questions in Each sectional topic
  • In the pop-up, select any topic from any section which you want to focus on to edit the number of questions in it.
  • By default, each topic has 3 questions in the mock test.
  • You cannot have Zero questions on any topic.
  • After you are done selecting the number of questions, click on ‘Start Test’ button of the pop-up to start practicing the full mock-test of the exam.


… Youth4work Mock Tests shoot questions from all the sections and topics of the exam. You cannot time any particular section or topic. The total time of the mock test depends on the number of questions and time of each question in the test.

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