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Sectional Preparation For CAT @ Youth4work Platform: What Is It And How It Works?

Common Admission Test: Back to the Basics!

Before we proceed, it’s good to get back to the basics. Common Admission Test or CAT is simply the premier all India Management Entrance Exam. It is divided into 3 different sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning & Verbal Ability.

In order to qualify the CAT, you are required to secure minimum marks in each and every section separately. The minimum marks needed to qualify depends upon the relative difficulty level of the section compared to other sections of the test. Also, a candidate has to secure a minimum total cut off for the whole paper to earn GD/PI calls from the Indian Institutes of Management.

CAT Prep for IIM’s

Mock Tests are the most important tool for CAT aspirants to practice and improve. Many CAT Toppers have revealed that practicing through mock tests is the key to their success. They have shared a number of success stories on how mock tests catapulted them in the CAT exam Preparation.

CAT Mock Test comes with a set of questions in the same format, with the same difficulty level and time limit and is accompanied by varied topics. The different types of Mock tests include Full mock tests, Sectional Mock tests, and Topic-based Mock tests.

Sectional Mock Test: What’s this?

Experts recommend the CAT aspirants to start the preparation with the Sectional mock test.

Sectional Mock Test is the most helpful and imperative tool for CAT aspirants as it assists them by telling their level of preparation for each section of the CAT exam.

An elaborated report at the end of the mock test acts as an icing on the cake. Undeniably, relying upon a platform that highlights all your weaknesses and strengths along by guiding you is always be the best thing for you.

Youth4work, the platform that assists youth in several ways helps them to do sectional preparation for CAT as it understands that this is the staircase to advanced level. As soon as you attempt the mock test at the platform, it presents to you:

  • The time taken to solve each section.
  • The section you solved easily and the one that seemed hard to you
  • Average time spent on each question in a section
  • Your Accuracy level v/s number of attempts

Youth4work is the leading online portal for CAT preparation providing the best online test papers including Mock, Aptitude and Practice Tests. So, if you are wondering that exams have already knocked your window and you are not left with any alternative other than making heavy payments in coaching centers, we recommend you to start with sectional preparation of CAT at Youth4work Platform, sitting right in the cozy corner of your home.