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Youth4work provides solutions for the students seeking internships

In today’s fast-moving competitive world, having just a college degree is not enough.

The first question a recruiter asks is “Several students have the same degree. Tell us what is special about you? “.

And that question leaves you speechless. To solve this problem the students in India have now started working, while still studying in college just like their counterparts in the USA.

With the growing number of careers, the number of students pursuing them also increases, and thus in-turn increasing the need to excel in the respective field. Any field, may it be the good old management, engineering, medical, teaching, law or the emerging one’s web designing, graphics, writing, direction, journalism, advertising needs certain expertise. And according to the general mindset, expertise is directly proportional to a college degree. But now, this mindset is changing. Recruiters are looking for people who have additional work ex. With their college degree. Say, a magazine looking for correspondence needs a person who has already blogs, content writing in the past. Thus, having additional work experience provides a strong backhand to the resume. This also gives an industry exposure thus explaining to the students what is expected from them when they enter their respective fields. This also gives them a chance of having a second thought about the feasibility of their chosen career from them, as it’s not too late for them now. Also, today’s youth are a lot more independent. They have the zeal to live their life on their own terms, so these jobs also provide them that extra pocket money which they use for their own uses (my friend just bought a new digital camera from her own cash).

Now, the major problem that students are going through is the proper source to find these jobs. To find a solution for these few websites is available on the web, seeing the reach of the net to the young students. Websites such as Youth4Work are providing such work for students and also giving them a chance to earn some extra cash. This website provides them the opportunity easily and gives them a chance to show them their talent and in-turn receives recognition in their respective industries. This helps in gaining internships and jobs in the future.

Thus, it could be rightly concluded that “earning while learning” is the new age mantra for a successful career.

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