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Manage Job Postings On Youth4work

Youth4work has a section where you can post jobs according to your preference. There is a ‘Post Job’ button on the right top corner of this section to make it happen.

→Along with the new job posting, you can see a list of jobs posted earlier by the same company.

→This section also provides a detailed view of the number of applicants who have applied for it.

  • One of the most vital features of the jobs section is ‘yMatch’. yMatch is the measure of youths as per the talent matching to the job.
  • After you click on the ‘see’ button you get the ranked list of candidates who have applied for that job. (snapshot) yMatch focuses on providing the best results based on the matching of job profile with the candidate’s talent.

This helps companies not only to post jobs easily but help them shortlist the best suitable talent!

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