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Custom Assessment Solution By Youth4work

Custom Assessment Solution or yAssess is one of the unique features offered by Youth4work to hiring managers and corporate partners. yAssess not only makes the hiring process simpler and easier for employers but also gives a noticeable result by providing the right talent to the company. What differentiates this assessment solution from others is the fact that this solution is best for recruiters who want their prospects filtered through a customized test of their own.

In an era, where technology is constantly evolving by leaps and bounds, relying upon old-age processes of positioning a person for a particular job seems to be imprudent. yAssess solution can be taken only from a legitimate IP address which further reduces the possibility of the test being attempted from any spurious place such as internet Cyber Café.

Among a number of good reasons to go for Youth4work’s Custom Assessment Solutions, reduction in the additional cost of FOS via online proctoring is the remarkable one. Apart from this, the hiring test shuts down automatically, if the test taker tries to navigate away from the test webpage.

Surprising, the eligibility of a particular aspirant for a job can be determined in just 4 simple steps which include creating a test from Youth4work’s library or company recruiting, inviting the candidates via work mail, analyzing his/her performance and finally interviewing.

Moreover, when it comes to the credibility factor, yAssess is worth relying upon as all the power resides in the hands of the employer. With Youth4work’s custom assessment solution, keeping control of all the security features in arsenals like video proctoring, IP monitoring and applicant tracking becomes an easy affair.

Youth4work’s custom assessment solution is not restricted to just analyzing and monitoring as it also comes with a question bank to add ease while the employer devises custom tests and looks out for good questions. Not to forget, this powerful tool helps hiring managers or companies to check the results instantly.

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