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yAssess — Youth4work Assessment Delivery Capacities

Youth4work is India’s only Assessment solution provider having intelligent Adaptive test with online proctoring. Youth4work promises a combination of flawless processes and vigorous infrastructure delivering a hundred percent success rate.

Intelligent adaptive test

yAssess is an adaptive test, unlike the fixed tests available in the market. Adaptive tests are more insightful than the fixed tests and it portrays a better picture of the assessed candidates than the latter. In an adaptive test, the performance of each candidate is independent of the performance of others. Adaptive tests negate any chance of probability of one candidate answering either difficult or easy questions. The difficulty level of subsequent question is decided by a candidate’s result in the preceding question. To illustrate, if a candidate answers a particular question correctly, the next question’s difficulty level will be slightly more than the one answered. The difficulty level of a question depends on the number of epoch the question has been answered correctly within a short time interval. The number of correct answers in lesser time, easier the difficulty level of the question and vice versa.


In layman’s term proctoring means invigilation. The aim of proctoring is to ensure the integrity of test scores attained by the candidates. Some essential proctoring features of online proctoring are:

  1. Video proctoring: y Assess is laced with a feature that takes captures image of the assessment taker, randomly at intermittent times via a webcam to monitor any spurious activity during the assessment.
  2. Audio Monitoring: Similarly, y Assess also records sound clips during the assessment period to keep a vigil.
  3. Navigation Control: y Assess has an embedded tool that prohibits candidates from navigating away from the test window.
  4. IP Control: y Assess is designed in such a manner that it can be undertaken from a designated IP address only. This feature also helps to tag a test taker’s geographical coordinates.
  5. Secure Questions: This feature ensures that the test taker is not able to copy questions to Google to search for answers.

Veritably, yAssess ensures a test environment that is safe and 100% incorruptible.


yAssess assessments are designed to run even on computers having an inferior configuration and sporadic internet connection. The test is immune to power outages, virus attacks and network issues synonymous with various educational institutes in the country. yAssess is flexible in the sense that it can be attempted even from your homes in a proctored way if so desired.


Youth4work boasts of a robust infrastructure system. Other than having state of art test centers in major Indian cities we have cordial relationships and tie-ups with esteemed computer Labs around the country to organize an assessment in a proctored manner on a Pan India basis. Our idea is to work closely with our clients so that there are no hitches as far as infrastructure is concerned.


Youth4work ensures timely and unhindered execution of assessments along the length and breadth of the country. We guarantee that the client shall be able to accomplish tasks such as scheduling assessments, Issuing admit cards, generating final scores, delivering reports and analytics without any confusion with help and support of Youth4work’s MIS.

Our MIS is flexible to suit our client’s various requirements such as tracking candidates on particular parameters and making reports based on them.


Youth4work offers cutting edge, best in market analytics of the assessments. We’ve designed analytics focusing on the performance of candidates in assessments both as an individual and as a cohort.

Our analytics provides key insights on the talents and skills of each candidate which aids our client to judge and measure the ingrained skill of an assessment taker.

Campus Recruitment:

yAssess is a reliable campus recruitment tool delivering a 100% success rate at various campus drives. Our assessment delivery team believes in running campus drives based on standard operating procedures such as tracking attendance, proctoring, and delivering unstained results, organizing interviews or GDs in a holistic manner. Absolute integrity of the assessment process has been the hallmark of Youth4work’s campus recruitment process.