Administrators or Technicians: What Does The Country Need?

Administrators or Technicians: What Does The Country Need?




M.Tech: Questionable future but immense urge in India




To be or not to be an Engineer’ is a big question that grapples the mind of every engineering student after completing B.E./B.Tech. Pursuing M.Tech or MBA, both the paths seem to be equally promising though the current trends show more inclination towards MBA due to attractive salaries and the wider horizons.



Pursuing an MBA is considered as a deviation in the career for a tech graduate but in fact, acquiring an MBA degree helps to learn newer ways to gain economic perspective for the people. It simply means to be into a “real game” together with vast career options.



On one hand, holding an M.Tech degree provides you an opportunity to expand your knowledge, one can dig deeper into the content, and help to expertise one’s field. Despite opening new vistas and innovating through technical skills there’s a worrying need for technically qualified people with M.Tech due to the dearth that currently exists in the country especially in the research and development industry in the government as well as in the private sectors.




At Youth4work platform, we have seen that the probability of getting jobs for M.Tech degrees holder is 0.025 whereas for an MBA degree holder is 0.17. Both types of postgraduates have different working methods. If technically sound MBA folks have a better attitude, they can communicate down and across which pays them off pretty well.




To create more opportunities for the techies and to make India digitally strong, a new project by Youth4work -‘IFFCO YUVA’ (which is a tie-up with IFFCO) — a platform for rural youth under its Indian Cooperative Digital Platform has been set up, its main motive is to uplift the rural youth/India digitally, to reinforce the education, research, and innovation capabilities. This upscales the skills of many young and talented people in the villages by registering online for various online certification skill courses and taking online skill tests.



In a country where getting degrees from both IIT and IIM is considered to be as smooth sailing throughout life. Both the premium institutes have a different line of flow and prepare the elite workforce. Many branded companies approach them to recruit the most talented and skilled professionals, though the grass is not as green as it seems to be.



This certainly restricts the chances of many talented and skilled youth. Also, not all the postgraduates from such colleges get their dream jobs. At Youth4work, we believe that young people from everywhere should be given opportunities to exhibit their skills and this is one good way to improve employability in India. Good decisions and good work come from good experience. After all, there is no substitute for experience.




We can say there is a road that forks two paths – M.Tech and MBA, and both seem equally fair. All that is required is a good vision to break the old restricting trends. Just as Youth4work believes in providing opportunities to the aspiring skilled people from everywhere, many young people can be assets for our nation and the big question to be an engineer or not to be, to go for M.Tech or MBA will not bother. Of course, without an ultimate goal in mind, it’s difficult to say which one better. So follow your dreams!



So follow your dreams.







Administrators or Technicians: What Does The Country Need?