Interests, Hobbies & Favourite Pastime
01 April,2019

“Our interests define who we really are”   Hobbies section of Youth4work lets you define what you are interested in by enlisting your interests...

Extra Curricular
01 April,2019

  Though you may not realize the significance, Extracurriculars play an important role in building the image for your resume. Extracurricular is n..

Music and Me
01 April,2019

My infatuation with music came from the time Donna, my mother, played her album of Jimi Hendrix called “Kiss the sky”. The music tha..

Explore 3 Fun Fields For Non – Medical Students
01 April,2019

Whenever the topic, “What to do after 12th?” pops up, I happen to go down the memory lane with related stories both at my personal level and ..

Tips For Having Stress-Free Job Interviews
01 April,2019

Kееріng a check оn еvеrу ѕmаll dеtаіl саn help уоu fееl less рrеѕѕurіzеd, calm аnd confident fоr the bіg dау. It can bе dоnе thrоugh rese..

12 Tips for acing a Video Interview for your dream job
01 April,2019

Nowadays due to the paucity of time on both sides, i.e. interviewer and interviewee, there has been as increased dependence on interview via video ..