• 30 October, 2019

Several reasons Indians are moving to abroad

On 30th October 2019, The Pioneer posted on their socials media and newspaper about why Indians are moving to abroad

There are several reasons why Indians are moving abroad when it comes to education and work, this despite the country being the land of opportunities, says RACHIT JAIN

India is certainly a nation of growth and prosperity. Its abundance of manpower guarantees more contribution to the economy at large. Naturally, one can assume that the nation is thriving in its native population but in reality, this is far from true. We are moving to the West when it comes to education and work, this despite the country known as the land of opportunities.

Change of mindset

We have the highest Mobility Index ranking across the world of 144 followed by Brazil, China and Mexico. Young Indian’s (18 – 34 years) are more willing than older ones (35 to 64 years), making the age gap prominent. This can be contributed to the change of mindset, along with a host of other reasons.

While the earlier generation was sceptical about the amount of money one had to invest to move abroad, the onset of increased dispensable income and value provided by the international organisation are urging the youth to look for better prospects.

Money isn’t any more a criterion, states an eminent report as less than a third of the respondents are willing to move abroad for a job without a pay hike.

Better Opportunities

 A burgeoning population like our’s may look like a gold mine of opportunities but is it the case? Unlikely, as there is a lack of advancement in infrastructure and amenities that has hindered the apt generation of jobs. Finding adequate opportunities for such a large population is a considerable challenge, which nations such as the US are aptly capitalising on.

According to the National Science Foundation, a US Government agency, there were about 9,50,000 scientists and engineers of Indian origin in the US in the year 2013, making an 85 per cent growth in the number from 2003.

The US has the apt infrastructure and not surprisingly the demand for enterprising individuals with the hunger to achieve. This is exactly the sweet spot that an educated Indian want to capitalise, plugging the demand and supply for scientists, engineers, and doctors rather than hunting for opportunities back home.

 Outsourcing Services

We can’t blindly state that we are lacking in resources and innovation as it has risen to be a leading provider of manpower, being one of the biggest Information Technology and outsourcing services providers in the world. Companies like  Genpact, TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have been successful in making a significant mark in the EU and the US, with a vast capacity to offer large scale IT and BPO services.

Yet, it is this progress that is biting the nation on its tail as the nation is the brink of a major brain drain from continuously sustaining this supply. It is because IT and consulting are vast industries that require a yearly stream of sizable manpower to ensure their smooth functioning. This has created a snag in the nations own plan of growth as even the India-based international organisations require several workers in the industry to go overseas, at least for long periods.

Higher education

The standard of education extolled in the halls of Indian institutes is on a decline. The undue emphasis on traditional rote learning, takes away the real-life lessons from the curriculum, thereby providing half-cooked knowledge. Knowing this, parents are more and keener to sending their progenies abroad, making it an agenda for them to enter into esteemed institutions such as Yale, Cambridge, Princeton and Harvard.

With an increase in the disposable income of families, this dream is increasingly becoming a reality as Indian Students Mobility Report 2016 states that the growth in the number of students going abroad is at an unprecedented high, with 2015 clocking a 17.8 per cent. Most of these students head out to the the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and prefer to start working in these countries after their education, as it is feasible to work in the nation from where they have gained an education, instead of returning home.

Immense opportunity

Study/working abroad is a great opportunity to see the world and take in new cultures, to be a citizen of the world. Here, the kind of education you receive is priceless, not only in terms of academics but also in terms of dealing with new people, situations, etc. You get a chance to learn a new language and to enhance public speaking skills, understand what the career structure outside India is and how one can exploit it to one’s advantage. Last but not least, there is personal development, as you take up new interests and which often turns into successful business propositions.

Once you have worked aboard, opportunities will open up in India, if one wishes to return, as well as anywhere you go.

The writer is Founder-CEO, Youth4Work