• 24 October, 2019

Tips to crack Competitive exams

The Pioneer posted tips to crack competitive exams written by Rachit Jain, CEO, Youth4work on 23 October 2019.

Gain required intelligence on the exam: it is a known fact that each competitive exam differ from each other, concerning the subject they cover and the nature of the exam.this will have a great emphasis on the pattern and sequence as well as the topics covered so it is prudent to learn as much as you can about these exams in the initial month of preparation. Apart from motivating you, this will help identify the skills required to tackle the respective exam providing leverage.

Manage time

Competitive exam are akin to a ticking time bomb with students being required to solve the question paper within a required time frame. Here, students need to master time management, to show their dexterity over the requirement,under any circumstances.

A piece of great advice is to create a mental flow-chart to dedicate the required time to each aspect of the paper. Slotting it into categories helps you prioritize and streamline the flow, to optimize the time allotted. One of the important aspects of time management is to fix up a study plan. This will help you grasp the distinctive pattern that needs to be identified.

Train yourself via test papers:

We all know the importance of training before every competition to harness victory. In terms of exam, too , it is important to train your mind,and body to endure your kinds of hurdles that these competitive exams would pose.

For this you might require the assistance of previous test paper as it will not just help you train but also will provide a clear picture of your shortcomings, as well as giving you a comprehensible idea on what to expect. Here it would be easier for you to grasp the nuances of the subjects and understand the exam pattern. Well if you refer to previous paper for guidance.

Unless you don’t push yourself through constant practice, you won’t be able to overcome your weaknesses and achieve what you desire.

Develop strategies and practice them

A pro- tip  it is always important to strategies in every aspect of life,Even for exams, it is important to strategize to edge over the competition. Every student must acquire  and set up a various array of strategies, depending upon the marks allotted and the level of difficulty. You need to cultivate and expand your aptitude level via practicing papers and questions.this will help create a mind map, to proceed with certified results in mind .

To nail the exam successfully,  you need to keep yourself abreast  through practice.there are hosts of websites  that provide you mock test and practice papers that provide end to end solutions that help uplift careers while helping built a better education as well as vocational scenarios.

The writer is Rachit Jain,
Founder-  CEO, Youth4work