• 20 September, 2019

Youth4work helped Management Students in Upskilling & Getting Jobs, Ties up with MEPSC (Skill India)

The Management Sector holds a variety of career opportunities for graduates, from Economics to Management Consultancy to Research. No matter what you’re looking for, be it a business job, management job or consultancy job the sector has lots to offer to graduates with an interest in a diverse function such as Admin, Finance, IT, Account, Hospitality, Marketing and Retail.

On the contrary, unemployment is a major hurdle in India’s growth path. With the ‘Make in India’ programme, led by the Modi Government which aims to generate employability and to give a better platform for the Indian youth so that they can polish their professional skills. Many training partners are involved in this mission in order to provide skill training, which is a bigger problem than uneducated, untrained people looking for jobs.

Youth4work, a talent mapping & acquisition company has signed MoU with Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC), an emerging Sector Skills Council committed to create technically and professionally competent workforce and industry professionals for both national and international markets. The main purpose is to make entrepreneurship a gainful option. Rachit Jain, CEO of Youth4work.com says, “our technology platform and related services enable students to practice and self-assess skills and showcase their talents to get employment opportunities.”

“There are over a Lakh youth for about 25000 jobs in management sector on our platform”, says, Rachit. Youth4work.com have managed to reduce the digital divide between urban and rural education and have given them a platform to prove their competencies and improve them to level up with global standards. All local and global companies can explore this large talent pool and extend their career opportunities