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Understand yTests — Online Talent Tests

Tests that help you get ranked and showcased

Youth4Work in an online assessment platform that encourages the youth to assess their innermost skills as soon as possible so that they get to know what exactly they can do and what they cannot.

Just like a Psychometric Test tells us about our natural inclination towards various situations, a ‘yTest’ shows how good you are in a particular skill set, subject or talent of your interest.

A ‘yTest’ is an online talent test. It usually consists of 10 multiple choice type questions based on the selected subject or topic. Follow the following steps to self assess your talent:

Firstly you need to register on Youth4Work as the online assessment is only available for the registered profiles and not an anonymous user.

The difficulty level of the ‘yTest’ depends on your examination behavior, response rate and the ratio of a number of right to wrongly attempted questions. In simple words, it is based on Game Theory.

1. In the beginning, you are asked a practice question that gives you a hint about what the yTest has to offer. The marks scored in this practice question will not be added to the final score.

2. If you answer a question correctly, it is highlighted as Green. If you answer wrong, then it gets marked as Red and the right answer is displayed highlighted as Green.

Display Example (Screenshot), when you attempt question wrongly.

3. The online test or yTest is based on both your level of accuracy per question and also the time taken to answer each question. (Note: Answer each question before the time runs out.) There is an algorithm that works behind how the questions are timed which makes it unpredictable. Here is the link to explore more about the timing system.

4. Your final score gives you a yRank, which is your overall rank achieved in contrast with the number of test takers for the same talent test.

5. The yRank achieved after completion of each test gets added and displayed in your public profile, which helps recruiters narrow down their search for the best candidates.

6. Your yRank can also be seen in all talent boards where you can also see ranks achieved by other Youth4Work Test Takers.

Hence in order to keep yourself in the top rankers list, try and attempt yTests daily and improve your test-taking performance each day. To explore how to improve your ‘yRank’ click this.

7. ‘yTest’ also gives you a chance to learn from the mistakes and where you are lagging behind. It gives a complete analysis at a micro level to help you understand and improve. To explore more about the Question Analysis & Rating please go through this link.