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Online Talent Test — yTest Question Analysis And Rating

All the questions added in Youth4work yTests are provided an initial rating which helps to decide a specific time splice for each question. The higher the difficulty level of a question, the bigger the time slot is provided. This has helped in making yTest highly adaptive in nature, which facilitates enhanced problem-solving skills in the users attempting the yTests.

But now, apart from contributing questions to Youth4work, you can also rate each question while attempting a particular yTest. Your rating will be submitted as a comment in the dialog box below the listed options.

yTest Question Rating

The options that you can select from are:

  • It’s great
  • It’s bad
  • Irrelevant
  • Bad timing

Select any one of them, the one you feel strongest while attempting the question. This also serves as a magnificent feedback system to discover glitches while adding questions in yTests.

yTest Question Insight

Just above the rating, lies a text with title Question Insight

Question Insight is a detailed study of each question answered in a particular yTest. In Question Insights, you can view the following.

The first box shows the percentage of Youth4work profiles who attempted the question and selected an option.

The second box shows the number of Youth4work profiles who attempted and answered the question, it doesn’t matter if it was right or wrong. You can also see a significant number of recent profiles who’ve tried this section.

The third box shows a location-based representation of cities from where users have attempted the question.

The fourth box depicts the average time taken by users to answer the question.

Questions submitted by a user in any yTest is audited by the assessment team and then added to the Question Bank. The auditing is done to remove any logical errors or typos from the question.

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