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Online Assessed Profile — Youth4work Profile Completeness Meter

Every user registered on Youth4work is expected to keep his online assessed profile updated at all times. It is necessary because employers and recruiters will deduce if you are worth their time and effort through this profile.

How to keep a check on your Profile Completeness?

As soon as you log-in your user account on Youth4work, go to the homepage and you’ll find a Profile Completeness Graph in the form of a speedometer.

The area being pointed out by the needle is your current profile condition. Your preference and profile completeness is categorized in 3 simple forms according to the state they are in.

Above 75% Profile Completion -> Good

50–74.9% Profile Completion -> Average

Below 50% Profile Completion -> Bad

Any profile in the bad sector gets imminently disqualified from the race to secure a good job. Hence, it is of primary importance that you mention all details in your Youth4work profile.