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yAccess — Youth4work Top Recruiter Account

Direct Access to Youth contact details and resumes

Let our technology and platform improve and enhance not only your efficiency but also your effectiveness.

What is yAccess or Top Recruiter Account?

  • yAccess or Youth4work’s Top Recruiter Account as the name suggests is a unique premium service that gives the recruiters or companies the status of Top Recruiter and complete database access.

How to use yAccess service?

  • Once a recruiter upgrades the employer account with any of the subscription plans, the service is automatically activated
  • After the recruiter has searched talent profiles using Talent Boards, the recruiter can open any particular profile and scroll below till contact details section as below:
  • Click on ‘View’ button to access the details including mobile number, email id and resume (if the youth has uploaded) as below:
  • The viewed profile’s contact details also become a part of the company’s yConnected database. Isn’t it awesome? 🙂

Why should recruiters or companies use yAccess?

  • Recruiters who hire in bulk or when have urgent requirements should not contact talent profiles via WorkMails and then see their contact details & resume or wait for their responses.
  • Recruiters get direct access to talent profiles’ contact details and resume, without first sending work emails.
  • It saves valuable time to connect with talent profiles and let recruiters schedule interviews quickly.
  • It is a high ROI premium service for companies from Youth4work.

What is the cost of yAccess — Top Recruiter Account service?

  • There are different plans for yAccess — depending on the need of the recruiter or company
  • Each plan is based on a number of profiles to be accessed and a number of day’s validity.
  • The subscriptions range from INR 999 for the Basic plan to INR 16000 for the Enterprise plan.
  • Check exact pricing (and prevailing discounts) here:
  • Contact for any technical support.

As a Top Recruiter, one should also check the latest trends and insights on various Talents, Jobs, and locations through a medium called Youth4work Insights. This helps a recruiter gauge the demand-supply gap in various areas and help them recruit the best of talents.

Let our technology and platform improve and enhance not only your efficiency but also your effectiveness.