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WorkMails - Efficient And Affordable

The Best & Fast Way to Interact with Youth & Companies

What is WorkMail?

WorkMail, as the name suggests, is Youth4work’s internal messaging system, designed to aid companies to efficiently interact with youth.

How to send WorkMails?

Collectively contacting many Youth

When you have your talent board search results, the next logical step is to shoot WorkMails to top 100–200 profiles, because they are top matching ones. Here’s how you can do it:

Sending WorkMail to multiple youth
  • Select 1 or more people you want to contact.
  • Click the ‘Send Mail’ button as shown above to open the conversation box.
  • Give an interesting subject line and write your main content — job description, job link, contact number, etc.
  • You can also use profile tags to personalize your WorkMails. e.g. ‘@name’ for auto-inputting names of people
  • Click on ‘Send’ as shown to shoot the WorkMails.

Contacting individual Youth

From the talent board, click on any youth’s name to open the profile.

  • Click on the ‘Send Mail’ button as shown above to compose the work email
  • Write your mail subject and content and send across.
  • You can include short job description, job links, contact numbers, etc.

How does WorkMails system work?

  • As soon as you send a WorkMail, it goes as a message in the sender’s name to the recipient via Youth4work system.
  • Within a few minutes, the recipient gets the message in his/her Youth4work MailBox itself. A notification email along with a snapshot of the WorkMail content is also sent on recipient’s registered email id.
  • If required, the recipient can reply to the WorkMail by logging on Youth4work account only (for security reasons).
  • The reply also goes as a WorkMail back to the sender and the conversation can continue there on.

Why should companies use WorkMails?

Recruitment Optimization through WorkMails
  • It is a Quick (time-optimizing) and High ROI (cost-optimizing) premium solution for companies.
  • It is a professional, credible outreach with your Youth4work profile linked.
  • WorkMails enable companies to quickly reach out to a large pool of talented Youth without any introduction and contact info.
  • Once a company sends any user a WorkMail, that user gets added to the company’s yConnected and the company can access user’s contact details along with their resumes and email ids.
  • Work Mails are so effective that 78% of employers and people using these services have returned back for more.

What to use WorkMails for?

Companies can use WorkMails to communicate for:

  • Jobs, Internships, Projects
  • Assessments

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